Rolling Rockabilly, Hot and Cool Hillbilly-Country, Wild Westernswing and Swing, Sleazy-Listening, Surf-Strip-Instro-Popcorn-Trash, Sinuous Soul & Slinky R`n´B"|Various Artists">
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Rockinitis – Vol. 1/Electric Blues From The Rock`n´Roll Era|Various Artists

Rockinitis – Vol. 1/Electric Blues From The Rock`n´Roll Era

Various Artists

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Side R-man

  1. Billy Boy - Rockin‘ Itis
  2. Bobo Jenkins - Tell Me Who
  3. The Sly Fox - I’m Tired Of Beggin
  4. Eddie Taylor - I‘m Gonna Love You
  5. Willie Nix And His Combo - Just Can’t Stay
  6. Lightnin’ Hopkins - Had A Gal Called Sal
  7. Johnny Acey - Please Don’t Go Go 
  8. Papa Lightfoot - Mean Old Train


Side Diddy Wah

  1. Sonny Terry - Hoopin’ And Jumpin’
  2. Sammy Lewis - I Feel So Worried
  3. Kid Thomas - The Wolf Pack
  4. Tender Slim - Don’t Cut Out On Me
  5. Champion Jack Dupree - Shim Sham Shimmy
  6. Guitar Red - Just You And I
  7. Lulu Reed - Your Love Keeps A-Working On Me
  8. Lightnin’ Slim - I’m Grown