Rolling Rockabilly, Hot and Cool Hillbilly-Country, Wild Westernswing and Swing, Sleazy-Listening, Surf-Strip-Instro-Popcorn-Trash, Sinuous Soul & Slinky R`n´B"|Various Artists">
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Hoochie Koo Vol. 2 |Various Artists

Hoochie Koo Vol. 2

Various Artists

10" (stag o lee)

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A1 Richard Berry • Crazy Lover
A2 Bob Taylor & The Counts • Thunder*
A3 The Lancasters • Earthshaker**8
A4 Warner Mack • Rock-a-Chicka**
A5 Henry Cording • Rock-Hoquet
B1 Hoochie Krew • Bassy Boogaloo ø
B2 Hajime Kaidou • Snacky De Odorou*
B3 Claude François • Le Nabout Twist
B4 The Atmospheres • Kaballo*
B5 Dario Moreno • Istanbul