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Zombies|Time of the season 2LP (180g Blue vinyl)


Time of the season 2LP (180g Blue vinyl)

2LP (not bad)

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  • Tracklist

    A1 She's Not There 2:27
    A2 Just Out Of Reach 2:08
    A3 Tell Her No 2:08
    A4 Is This The Dream 2:43
    A5 She's Coming Home 2:37
    A6 Whenever You're Ready 2:41
    A7 Friends Of Mine 2:17
    B1 Time Of The Season 3:33
    B2 I Love You 3:21
    B3 Gotta Get A Hold Of Myself 2:28
    B4 Goin Out Of My Head 3:02
    B5 Hung Up On A Dream 3:01
    B6 Kind Of Girl 2:11
    B7 Care Of Cell 44 3:56
    C1 Sometimes 2:06
    C2 If It Don't Work Out 2:28
    C3 I Want You Back Again 2:14
    C4 Indication 2:59
    C5 You Make Me Feel Good 2:42
    C6 Leave Me Be 2:07
    C7 Beechwood Park 2:44
    D1 What More Can I Do 1:40
    D2 Woman 2:25
    D3 This Will Be Our Year 2:07
    D4 Imagine The Swan 3:11
    D5 Butcher's Tale (Western Front 1914) 2:47
    D6 It's Alright 1:52
    D7 I Remember When I Loved Her 2:01