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Turner, Ike|Real Gone Rocket

Turner, Ike

Real Gone Rocket

LP (jerome)

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Besides being an excellent boogie pianist and guitarist supremo, Ike Turner shone as a top-notch composer, producer and talent scout. It's a fact that Ike was at the same professional level as some of the biggest names of the day, whom he worked with on a number of occasions. This new 45’s compilation shines light on this little-known aspect of his artistic career as the genius-behind-the-curtains in several recordings by other artists. Included are R&B essentials such as “My Real Gone Rocket” or “I Ain’t Drunk” by the legendary Jackie Brenston and Lonnie the Cat, as well as obscure numbers –never re-issued till now—such as “Nobody Seems to Want me” by Jessie Knight, “Would You Rather” by Kenneth Churchill, the Starrs’ amazing cover of “Ain’t Got No Home” or Chuck Bernard’s “Calling Your Name”. Liner notes and discography/sessionography by Fred Rothwell. “My Real Gone Rocket” Jackie Brenston, “I Ain’t Drunk” Lonnie The Cat, “Gypsy Blues” Matt Cockrell, “Nobody Seems To Want Me” Jesse Knight, “I’m Tired Of Begging” The Sly Fox, “Peg Leg Woman” Willie King, “Suffocate” Johnny Wright, “Just One More Time” Billy Gayles, “My Baby’s Tops” Gardinias, “The Big Question” Clayton Love, “Would You Rather” Kenneth Churchill, “Calling Your Name” Chuck Bernard, “Ain’t Got No Home” Starrs, “Ho Ho” Ikey Renrut.

Además de excelente pianista de boogie e inimitable guitarrista, la dimensión de Ike como compositor, productor y cazatalentos es brillante y abrumadora. Turner tiene poco que envidiar a los más grandes de la época, con quienes en más de una ocasión tuvo la oportunidad de trabajar. Ahora, esta colección de singles rescata esta desconocida faceta y muestra su perspicaz contribución, como genio en la sombra, en la grabaciones de otros. Aquí tienes la prueba: rastrea la huella definitiva de Turner en clásicos esenciales del R&B como "Real Gone Rocket" o "I Aint Drunk" a cargo de maestros como Jackie Brenston o Lonnie the Cat y, también, en temas más oscuros nunca antes reeditados, como "Nobody Seems to Want me" de Jessie Knight, "Would Yoy Rather" de Kenneth Churchill, la tremenda versión de "Aint Got No Home" de los Starrs o "Calling Your Name" de Chuck Bernard. Notas de contraportada y discografía/sesionografía a cargo de Fred Rothwell. "My Real Gone Rocket" Jackie Brenston, "I Aint Drunk" Lonnie The Cat, "Gypsy Blues" Matt Cockrell, "Nobody Seems To Want Me" Jesse Knight, "Im Tired Of Begging" The Sly Fox, "Peg Leg Woman" Willie King, "Suffocate" Johnny Wright, "Just One More Time" Billy Gayles, "My Babys Tops" Gardinias, "The Big Question" Clayton Love, "Would You Rather" Kenneth Churchill, "Calling Your Name" Chuck Bernard, "Aint Got No Home" Starrs, "Ho Ho" Ikey Renrut.