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Singapore Nuggets - The Ladies |Various Artists

Singapore Nuggets - The Ladies

Various Artists

LP (Akenaton)

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Chew Yan And The Stylers – Mimi Cat
Lim Ling & Silvertones – Forget but Can-t Forget You
Grace Lee and the stylers – Each and every flower
Violet Tang & Saints – You Are My Happiness
Rita Chao & Quests – The Boy Next Door
Sakura – Come On To My House
Naomi & The Boys Bad Loser
Linda Yong And The Silvertones – Happy Lunar New Year
Patrina w Maurice Patton & Melodians – Lipstick On Your Collar
Liu Hui Yun
Evey Lyn & The Siglap Five – Tell Me If It’s True
Teresa Khoo & Her Five Notes – You Don’t Know Baby
Doris Ang & The Sandboys – Yummy Yummy Yummy
Shang Guan Su Shen – Walking in the Sunshine