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Real Kids |Grown Up Wrong

Real Kids

Grown Up Wrong

LP (norton)

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Unreleased live tracks from 76-78. Most of the listing of their first LP and classic Rock & Roll covers. Great sound on all tracks. Bad To Worse/No Fun No More/Jean-nie Jeannie Jeannie/Common At Noon/Shake Outta Control/I´d Rather Go To Jail/All Night Boppin´/Hit You Hard/Grown Up Wrong/She´s Alright/Solid Gold/Hot Dog/Who Needs You/ Better Be Good/All Kindsa Girls.

Grabaciones inéditas en directo entre el 76 y el 78. El repertorio de su primer LP y versiones de clásicos del rock´n´Roll. Muy buen sonido en todas las canciones. "Bad To Worse", "No Fun No More", "Jean-nie Jeannie Jeannie", "Common At Noon", "Shake Outta Control", "I´d Rather Go To Jail", "All Night Boppin´", "Hit You Hard", "Grown Up Wrong", "She´s Alright", "Solid Gold", "Hot Dog", "Who Needs You", "Better Be Good", "All Kindsa Girls".