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Q65 - Revolution


Revolution (Golden Vinyl 180g edition)

LP (pseudonym)

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Classic must have. Reissue of the 66 debut. Includes their hit "The LIfe I Live" the garagey "I Got Nightmares" and an ace rendering of Allen Toussaint¨s "Get Out of My Life Woman" amongst other things. Cover is an exact replica of the original and de rigeur 180g vinyl- Limited edition of 500 copies. 

Clásico e impresincible. Reedición de su primer LP de 1966. Incluye su hit "The Life I Live", la garagera "I Got Nightmares" y la tremenda versión de "Get Out of My Life Woman" de Allen Toussaint, entre otras. Portada idéntica a la original. Edición de 500 copias. Vinilo dorado de 180 gramos.