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7" (altercat)

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First released in 1966, a sought after, US smash garage anthem gets reissued on 7-inch, including its original flip (a fine Yardbirds cover), remastered audio and a 12-page booklet featuring liner notes by Mike Stax (Ugly Things magazine) and previously unseen pictures. For dj's at '60s events worldwide this single is a surefire crowd pleaser. And it's not hard to figure out why genre revivalists s.a. The Satelliters, The Cynics, The Rosalyns a.m.o. continue to cover this piece of jangly garage rock bliss, both onstage and on record.


Por fin reeditada esta joya de garage USA del 66. Con su cara B original y un libreto de 12 páginas con fotos inéditas y liner notes de Mike Stax (Ulgy Things). Brutal.