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Shit Street

LP (crypt)

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Cuts from the 1978-79 studio recordings (previously on the Buried Alive LP and Everybody Hates You CD): "What´s This Shit Called Love," "Dead End America," "Eyes Of Satan," "Street Where Nobody Lives," "Boy Can I Dance Good," "Real World," "Can´t Explain," "Haven´t Got The Time," "Give Up," "Little Black Egg," "Yeah Yeah," "Heart Of Stone," "Not Now No Way," "I Juvenile" - plus the rare scorchin´ 1977 Debut 7" "Six And Change."

Recopilación de temas de estudio del 78/79 (disponibles es en LP "Buried Alive" y el CD "Everybody Hates You": "What´s This Shit Called Love", "Dead End America", "Eyes Of Satan", "Street Where Nobody Lives", "Boy Can I Dance Good", "Real World", "Can´t Explain", "Haven´t Got The Time", "Give Up", "Little Black Egg", "Yeah Yeah", "Heart Of Stone", "Not Now No Way" y "I Juvenile" - además del rarísimo "Six And Change" de su single de debut del 77.