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2CD (hunter)

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The undisputed (or not) kings of the Dutch Beat of the 60's. Somebody said they were the dutch Love, but it wouldn't be fair if we don't mention many other influences in their sound and songwriting such as Dylan, Rolling Stones, Pretty Things, Beatles and Byrds. The result is one of the best bands of the 60's out of the USA-UK axis. This double CD compiles their entire singles output, issued on Muziek Expres-OP Art, Relax and Polydor, and also the ones by their charismatic singer Wally Tax on Philips, BASF and Ariola. Includes the always well done inner booklet with band's bio, discography, picture sleeves and photos. With gems like "You Mistreat Me", "Felt Like I Wanted To Cry", "Lying All The Time", "Touch", "Do You Feel Alright", etc... 51 tracks.

Los reyes sin discusión (o con ella) del Beat holandés de los 60. Alguien los definió como los Love holandeses, aunque sería más justo citar más influencias, desde Dylan a los Rolling Stones, los Pretty Things, los Beatles y los Byrds. El resultado es uno de los mejores grupos de los 60 fuera del eje USA-UK. En este doble CD se recoge todo el material que publicaron en single, para Muziek Expres-Op Art, Relax y Polydor, además de todos los singles en solitario de su cantante Wally Tax en Philips, BASF y Ariola. Incluye el habitual libreto con su historia, discografía, portadas y fotos hecho con el rigor de este sello. Con joyas como "You Mistreat Me", "Felt Like I Wanted To Cry", "Lying All The Time", "Touch", "Do You Feel Alright", etc... Cincuenta y un temas.