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Miller, Pete|Summerland

Miller, Pete


LP (tenth planet)

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When not masquarading as blissed-out psychodaisy 'BIG BOY PETE', producer/performer Pete Miller wrote and recorded a number of wired garage-pop tracks in similar vein to his highly rated 1965 single 'Baby I Got News For You'. 14 previous UNRELEASED 1966/1967 recordings to confirm that he was one of the most neglected talents of the era. Great coloured sleeve, lim ed 1000, 190 gr vinyl


El mismísimo Big Boy Pete. Catorce temas inéditos en la línea de su famoso 'Baby I Got News For You', grabados entre el 66 y el 67. Edición de 1000 copias ya descatalogada. Vinilo de 190 gramos.