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King, Reggie (The Action)|Looking for a King

King, Reggie (The Action)

Looking for a King

LP (circle)

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Recorded between Reggie leaving The Action in 1968 and the end of 1969, these songs feature his former band mates throughout (still trading as The Action without him).Aside from three tracks rescued from unlikely tape sources and an acetate, the majority are in perfect 'finished master' quality. For some reason, all of this material was left aside when the time came for Reggie's 1971 album. In comparison, they are brighter and more uplifting than that record.All 12 tracks are totally unreleased in any format. Presented in a half-laminated flipback sleeve with art that uses a treated, previously unpublished picture to striking effect (one of two in the package). Silver/blue labels inspired by the late '60s United Artists ones (done to pre-date his official album). The double-sided, semi-gloss, colour insert includes descriptive appraisal from renowned writer Kevin Pearce, along with the story of how the album came to be.

Grabado aún con sus compañeros en The Action, este disco se gestó justo después de que abandonara el grupo. Menos tres canciones rescatadas de acetatos y cintas, todo el disco suena de maravilla. Curioso que este material no se editara en su día (todo es completamente inédito). Presentación de lujo con portada laminada, insert con fotos y liners notes. Si eres fan de los Action, te gustará.