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Holly, Buddy


LP (El Toro)

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To commemorate 60 years since his passing here's an album containing a dozen of Buddy Holly’s biggest songs from 1955 to 1958…but in alternate takes, many of them reissued here on the 12" vinyl format for the first time ever.

Side A - His greatest Rockabilly performances.
Midnight Shift (alternative take - 26th January 1956)
Don't Come Back Knockin' (alternative take - 26th January 1956)
Moonlight Baby (demo cut - 7th December 1955)
Down The Line (alternative demo take - Mid 1955)
I'm Gonna Set My Foot Down (demo cut - Early 1956)
Love Me (demo cut - 7th December 1955)

Side B: His classic hits.
Not Fade Away (alternative overdub - 29th May 1957)
Maybe Baby (alternative version - 1st March 1957)
Oh Boy (undubbed version - 1st July 1957)
Peggy Sue (alternative take - 1st July 1957)
Think It Over (undubbed alternative take - 13th February 1958)
Reminiscing (undubbed version - 10th September 1958)

Para conmemorar los 60 años desde su muerte, aquí tienes este álbum que contiene una docena de las canciones más grandes de Buddy Holly de 1955 a 1958 ... pero en versiones alternativas, muchas de ellas se reeditan aquí en el formato de vinilo de 12 "por primera vez.