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Greg "Stackhouse" Prevost|Mr. Charlie

Greg "Stackhouse" Prevost

Mr. Charlie

7" (mean disposition)

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First solo recordings by the man who fronted the Chesterfield Kings during the last……35 years! A lesson in raw blues which is bound to fascinate the toughest types in your neighborhood. It’s a pity that the recent de-luxe reissue of “Exile on Main Street” did not include an extra CD with the demos from the album, as these two waxings by Greg and his slide guitar would have fit like hand in glove. Limited edition of 450 copies

Debut en solitario del que ha sido líder de los Chesterfield Kings durante los últimos...glups...35 años. Una verdadera lección de blues crudo que impresionará a los tipos más duros de tu vecindario. Si te gusta Exile On Main Street, esta grabación de Greg y su "slide guitar" no te defraudarán. Edición de 450 copias.