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Fallen Angels|Bad Woman

Fallen Angels

Bad Woman

7" (eceip)

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A Bo Diddley-inspired beat and a very stones-y atmosphere. This is the same song covered by the Chesterfield Kings on their "Stop!" album. On the B-side, a semi instrumental tittyshaker not unlike "Tequila!", "Pimples And Braces", by Ric Gary (actually the musician and comedian Spike Jones), comped in "Las Vegas Grind" and "Swing For A Crime". The original issue of this 45 was released in 1970, although the recordings are from 1966 and 1960, respectively.

Un ritmo inspirado en Bo Diddley y una atmósfera muy Stones. La misma que hacen los Chesterfield Kings en su "Stop". En la cara B, un tittyshaker semi instrumental tipo "Tequila!", "Pimples And Braces", de Ric Gary (en realidad no es otro que el músico y humorista Spike Jones) recopilado en "Las Vegas Grind" y "Swing For A Crime". La edición original de este single salió en 1970, aunque las grabaciones son de 1966 y 1960, respectivamente.