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Damned - Stiff Singles 76-77


Stiff Singles 76-77

5x7" (get back)

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Box containing the first five singles by one of the best bands of the first wave of british Punk. Exact reproductions with their original picture sleeves. With "New Rose", "Neat Neat Neat", "Problem Child", "Don't Cry Wolf" and the rare "Stretcher Case Baby" with their original B-sides. Songs that made history.

Caja con los cinco primeros singles de uno de los mejores grupos de Punk británico de la primera hornada. Reproducciones exactas con su portada original. Con "New Rose", "Neat Neat Neat", "Problem Child", "Don't Cry Wolf" y el raro "Stretcher Case Baby" con sus correspondientes caras B. Imprecindible.