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Prevost, Greg 'Stackhouse'|Mississippi Murderer

Prevost, Greg 'Stackhouse'

Mississippi Murderer

LP (mean disposition)

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Prevost's career is closely linked to the Chesterfield Kings, but his story does not begin nor end with this band. His beginnings took place in the early to mid-seventies as a singer and guitarist in combos such as Dr Electro & His Psychedelic Retards, Tar Babies, Distorted Levels, Cutdowns, etc, all of them abundantly recorded but minimally released in vinyl. It has taken him 35 years to make a comeback (of sorts) not related to the Kings, in the shape of an acoustic blues 7" released six months ago and published by Mean Disposition. Going solo proved to be an exciting experience, and the single was so well received that Prevost decided to wax some personal compositions with the addition of bass and drums. After a few rehearsals with a couple of good friends, he finally entered the studio. The result –cooked throughout several weeks of inspiration is the album you have in your hands."Mississippi Murderer" is a true R&R artifact in which the artist seems to be settling scores with his recent past. A three-chord assault with plenty of excellent songs -the kind of numbers that most bands can only aspire to cover-sung by a truly unique voice, featuring plenty of attitude, splendid arrangements and slide guitar a go go. Influences? They come from Prevost's personal obsessions: the Delta blues, a sound which lies midway between the Yardbirds and the NY Dolls, and, naturally, the Rolling Stones at their best. And these references are not a simple list of R'n'R greats nor the usual hype aimed at potential buyers but exactly what you will get in this record. Enjoy!


El regreso en solitario del líder de los Chesterfield Kings. "Mississippi Murderer" es un artefacto de Rock and Roll con todas las letras, un festival de tres acordes donde las buenas canciones -esas que la mayoría de grupos tienen que conformarse en versionear- abundan. Canciones sencillas de sonido muy clásico, acompañadas de una voz única, mucha actitud, geniales arreglos y más slide-guitar que en cualquier antología de blues. ¿Influencias? Lo mejor y más rápido será resumirlo en tres de sus obsesiones: el blues del Delta, su empeño en hacer sonar a los Yardibirds como los NY Dolls (y viceversa) y, cómo no, los mejores Rolling Stones. Y esas referencias no son simplemente una lista de grandes nombres del R&R, sino exactamente lo que encontrarás en este disco.