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Pretty Things|Don't Bring Me Down...Under

Pretty Things

Don't Bring Me Down...Under

LB/BK (ugly things)

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Jawdropping book in the same format as "Ugly Things" with press clippings, pictures and all kinds of details about the wild Pretty Things' New Zealand Tour of 1965, where they were banned for life. Find out how they managed to end up like that, thanks mainly to the unvaluable help from drummer Viv Prince. One hundred and fourteen pages, more than one hundred and eighty photos (some of them in full colour), interviews to almost everyone involved and well researched text by Mike Stax, Andy Neill and John Baker, with foreword by Dick Taylor.

Impresionante libro de formato similar al de "Ugly Things" con recortes de prensa, fotos y toda clase de detalles sobre la accidentada gira de los Pretty Things en Nueva Zelanda en 1965. Desde entonces tienen prohibida la entrada al país. Entérate de cómo se las arreglaron, gracias sobre todo a Viv Prince. Ciento catorce páginas, más de ciento ochenta fotos, algunas en color, entrevistas a los protagonistas y documentadísimos textos a cargo de Mike Stax, Andy Neill y John Baker con prólogo de Dick Taylor.