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'1963-1966'- Limited edition 2LP box set by this legendary, explosive, for a while even leading Swiss '60s beat, garage rock and roll combo from Basel. Contains all their known recordings including of 'Don't Leave Me Behind', and 'Someone Like Me', plus 4 unreleased tracks off two unreleased Dynamites 45s: 'Little Girl' (which later on became a hit for The Sevens as 'Little Girl I Know') and 'Tell Me Yes Or No' (first demo version), both taken from their unreleased 1965 Layola Records test-pressing only single, as well as 'Be My Own'/'Hello Daddy' from their unreleased first 1963 rockabilly acetate-only recording. The box is a quality, flip-open box, and even the two LPs are housed inside a very nice, laminated gatefold sleeve. Also includes a photo/history packed 40 page book entitled 'The Story Of The Dynamites', as well as reproductions of three vintage Dynamites posters from the 1960s! 


1963-1966. Box set de edición limitada con todas las grabaciones existentes de de esta banda de Rock and Roll, Beat y Garaje de Basilea, Suiza. Incluye sus hits 'Don't Leave Me Behind' y 'Someone Like Me' y cuatro temas inéditos de dos singles que no se llegaron a editar: 'Little Girl', 'Tell Me Yes Or No' y 'Be My Own'/'Hello Daddy' de un acetato inédito del 63. La presentación es un pasote: box set de cartón con dos LP's (portadas gatefold) en el interior y un libro de 40 páginas con fotos y la historia del grupo. Por si fuera poco, incluye reproducciones de tres posters de la época.