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The mighty Troggs are the cover stars of this issue with an extensive feature based on new interviews with surviving members Chris Britton and Pete Staples. Plus: David Holzer delves into the world of Alice Cooper circa 1973-74 with the help of bass player Dennis Dunaway; eye-opening stories on pre-Moby Grape Northwest rockers the Frantics; sunshine pop masters the Gordian Knot; psychedelic punk mystery men Chrome, teen garage combo Thus (and their mega-rare custom press LP All of Thus); pint-sized mop tops the Bantams; the final installment of our Roulettes saga; an interview with rock fanzine pioneer Brian Hogg (Bam Balam) and a chat with actor, director and Boss 66 Radio DJ Tom Hanks. Not to mention our info-packed review sections, covering all the latest vinyl and CD reissues, and rock ‘n’ roll-related books. (144 pages)

The Troggs, Alice Cooper, bandas pre-Moby Grape, Gordian Knot, Chrome, Thus, The Bantams, Roulettes, Brian Hogg (Bam Balam), Boss 66 Radio DJ Tom Hanks, criticas de discos y libros, etc, etc.